【2020-02-19】Notepad2- 汉化版 + Notepad3- 简体中文版|32&64位整合版

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Notepad3是一款轻便快捷的基于 Scintilla 的文本编辑器,具有语法高亮、代码折叠、括号匹配、自动缩进、编码转换、换行格式转换、多次撤销或重做、书签、基于正则表达式的查找和替换等实用功能。它占用的内存很小,但功能强大,足以处理大多数编程工作


Current RC1 Version 5.20.212.(build_#) (2020-02-12)

- Multiple selection on end-of-lines from rectangular selection.
- Infos of sreen/display for "Copy Version Info" button.
- Preserve stream selection in file history (w/ text position remembering).
- Language dependent status bar abreviations.
- Copy directory to clipboard and Open path in explorer.
- Toggle menu bar option.
- Add Lexicographical Line Sort Order.
- CSV Prism Color Lexer.
- Preserve File Modification Date/Time: Option stays until new Session is loaded.
- Save with Original File Date/Time - Ctrl+Alt+F6.

- Change version numbering of build_# (the build number is now daily based).
- Remove AppVeyors build number, add build-of-the-day number, add short version of commit/local build ID.
- Accelerator key remapping: move line up/down vs. jump folds.
- Separate auto esc'd control chars from "transform backslashes" switch in find/replace dialog.
- Increase encoding detection confidence threshold to 92%.
- Finetuning of Single Byte Char Set (SBCS) detection.
- Add current Encoding and Lexer to "Copy Version Text".
- Lexer keyword initializer list simplified.
- Find/Replace dialog: in case of "transform backslashes" do Esc control seqs.
- Remove "extra" drag n' drop handler.
- Upper confidence level for UCHARDET to: "AnalyzeReliableConfidenceLevel=70".
- UCHARDET: Confidence calculation for Single Byte Character Set (SBCS).
- Replace "save modified file warning" by (silent) custom messagebox if message beeps are muted.
- Don't Auto-Close blank untitled document, only empty untitled document.
- Encoding detection fallback: explicitly defined or (UTF-8 (if valid) else current ANSI code-page).
- Use Ctrl+Shift+L for toggle "Menu: Reuse Window" option.
- Inversion of Accelerator key Ctrl+Alt+L with Ctrl+Shift+L
- Change wording "Administrator" to "Elevated".
- MiniPath - Notepad3 communication.
- Hidden "ExitOnESCSkipLevel" feature (Exit on ESC can ignore a selection).
- ESC Key clears active selection (before exiting Notepad3).
- Refactoring source code (encoding detection).
- Reduce big file size limit to 2GB (INT_MAX).
- Conversion all *.RC files to encoding UTF-8 (no BOM/Signature).
- New Notepad3 Icon (Notepad3 icon by Vexels.com designed by smanashova@gmail.com).
- Initial default big toolbar only for monitors > Full-HD.
- Copy instead of insert (filename, path, GUID).
- Load (internal) Flags (Settings2) as part of LoadSettings() - one pass .ini-read.
- Option [Settings2] LexerSQLNumberSignAsComment.
- Option [Settings2] LineCommentPortfixStrg= e.g. add a space to comment chars.
- Option [Settings2] NoCopyLineOnEmptySelection and NoCutLineOnEmptySelection.
- Appearance of INFOBOX4 (MB_YESNOCANCEL).
- Thin rectangular (multi) selection after toggeling line-comment block.
- Scintilla (SCI): allow CamelCase/StartCase word lists.
- Borderless in Full Screen Mode.
- Maximize window if "full work area" is requested.
- Full Work Area Mode (F11) -> Full Screen Mode.
- Relax UTF-8 orientation (lower confidence level for UCHARDET
and use system's code-page as detection fallback by default).
- Ctrl+Alt+Enter AutoCompletion behaviour.
- Changed version of MarkDown-Lexer.
- Menu and behavior for copy/paste and copy/paste line.
- Allow each modification step to split undo typing sequence (set timeout < 20ms).
- Split undo typing sequence (by line-breaks and/or timeout).
- Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.4 (2019/10/31).
- Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.3.0 (2020/01/16).






【2020-02-19】Notepad2- 汉化版 + Notepad3- 简体中文版|32&64位整合版
【2020-02-19】Notepad2- 汉化版 + Notepad3- 简体中文版|32&64位整合版





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